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Welcome to Coffee Business Strategies.

Engage your customers.

Sell more product.

DIY templates, checklists, and strategies for engaging with your audience.


We help small coffee businesses thrive.

It’s not easy making it in today’s world. Employee problems, supply chain issues, and increasing costs endanger your business’s livelihood. 

We design DIY guides and courses for today’s busy owners.  Our guides help you stand out in today’s marketplace.


What we offer

Here are the first four guides and courses we suggest you start with at Coffee Business Strategies. 

Each one is designed for quick use and comes with guidance to help you understand when it’s a benefit to hire professional help and when it is not.

Small Business Strategies

This guidebook provides a broad overview of the many ways you can market your coffee business.

Creative Social Media

This guidebook provides you with quick reference insight and tools to create engaging social media posts.

Email Marketing

This course shows you how email can help grow and nurture your business.

Loyalty Programs

What are the types of loyalty programs, and which one is right for your business?

Free Materials

Tips to keep your customers coming back for more.

PDF Download

Bring Them Inside

This infographic lays out the different ways you can introduce people to your business.

PDF Download

Keep Them Interested

This report gives you five tips to help you make a customer a repeat customer who tells everyone else about your business.

Mini Email Course

Engage & Nurture

For six days, we’ll send you an email explaining an email style and why customers love getting emails like these from brands they trust.

I’m here to help!

Do you need a marketing coach or some help writing your marketing materials?